A Bronx Tale Enterprise was founded in 2011 by Sonaly Berrios. He has been in the business for 19 years working hand and hand with multi-million dollar companies in pursuing their goals. Sonaly has a strong background of Operations, Trucking, Logistics and Importing/Exporting agricultural products throughout South American countries.

Sonaly graduated from College with Bachelors in Marketing. After graduating, he pursue his love and passion for trucking. He then started as a driver transporting perishable loads throughout all 48 states. After a few years, he had an opportunity to take trucking to the next level and work in operations. Sonaly then started learning the logistical part of trucking while dealing with South American countries. After mastering logistics, he started visiting South American countries to deliberate negotiations.

 A Bronx Tale Enterprise is a small but compassionate company. We cater to all our customer’s needs. Anywhere from transporting auto, containers and hazardous materials from state to state, to supplying refrigerated services for all your trucking and perishable needs.