A Bronx tale enterprise  uses state of the art equipments to assist your needs to the next level. we provide safe and reliable truckload transportation services throughout the interstate.


Shipping problems come in all sizes and shapes. So do our chassis. From tri-axles to ultra-lights, to spread axles and step decks we can move that problem to and from rail yard or port.



Refrigerated trailers

We use Thermo King for our temperature control system. It delivers maximum reliability and compliance choices that will never compromise performance.






Flatbed auto transport is exactly as it sounds. It features a flatbed trailer that is attached to a truck, similar to an open or enclosed trailer and can come in various lengths and widths, provided that they meet road regulations. It’s a seldom-used service, especially today.

  • What is it used for?

    • Oversized construction equipments (bulldozers, cranes, and so forth)

    • Small to Mid-sized boats

    • Commercial vehicles, including buses

    • Vehicles that can no longer operate
  • Are capable of loading two to three vehicles depending on size

These units are state of the art, equipped with the latest upgrades and possess the same construction and durability found in full sized trailers.